8 Practical Gifts For Travelers Under $50

8 Practical Gifts For Travelers Under $50

It’s almost that time of year! If you or anyone you know is a total travel junkie, then you already know how we love practical/portable gifts. Packing can be such a nightmare sometimes; it’s impossible to pack light! Why not help your adventure seekers by giving them a gift they can take around the world?!


Here’s a list of 8 practical gifts for travelers to give you ideas for the holidays.

8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir
8 Practical Gifts for Travelers | Here and Aiir

1. HumanGear GoToob Travel Containers ($13.22+)


This is probably one of the best travel containers out there. It’s made from soft squeezeable silicone, so you can get every little bit of your shampoo (or whatever) out. I don’t know about you, but one of my frustrations with travel containers is how difficult it is to clean. HumanGear GoToob doesn’t have that problem. It also has a suction cup so you can simply stick it to any wall while you shower. Comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

2. Travelogue Travel Journal ($28.95)


Travelogue_Lifestyle_01Every traveler should carry a journal so they’re ready to jot down those special moments. It is the ultimate wanderlust companion. This particular Travelogue journal is not your average journal, but is also a planner, checklist, diary, international translator, and an interactive map. Scratch off cities, countries, and landmarks you’ve been as you make your way around the world!

3. Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow ($39.50)


There are a myriad of travel pillows out there, but the Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow is hard to beat. It’s extremely compact, portable and comes with a handy little bag. It’s practical, yet high-quality, a gift travelers will love. Travel pillows are a staple to a traveler’s packing list, so you can’t go wrong here!

4. Audible ($45.00+)


Who doesn’t love audible?! We don’t always have the time to sit down and read a book, especially when we’re on the go. It’s the perfect way to kill time during travels whether on a roadtrip, on an 18-hour flight across the world, waiting out a delayed flight, or simply when you are in line for security.

5. Solar Power Bank ($36.99)



Nothing more convenient than a solar power bank for someone who is always on the go. Solar power banks are not only a great gift for travelers, but for anyone who is constantly glued to their devices (basically everyone these days). There are plenty of high-quality chargers out there; it’s best to get one with a good voltage. This one has a capacity of 15,000 mAh and can charge two devices at once!

6. Travel Blanket ($29.95)



If you’ve ever been on a plane, you know how freezing cold it could get. Even the blankets they provide aren’t enough, so why not buy your traveler friend a blanket?! This blanket by Travelrest acts as a 4-in-1 (blanket, head, neck, and lumbar support) premium class blanket . It’s cute and compact so you can bring it on all your trips.

7. Kiehl’s Refreshing Mist ($12.60)



Does anyone else have issues with their skin when traveling? Kiehl’s Refreshing Mist revives irritated skin caused by in-flight conditions. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for travelers. It keeps your skin hydrated and is safe for those with allergies and sensitive skin.

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones ($17.99)




Traveling can get extremely stressful, am I right? Sometimes we just need to relax and turn the chaos around us off. Noise-canceling headphones should be a staple in one’s travel bag. Your little adventurer will love you for this one!

What are your favorite travel essentials? Let me know by commenting below!





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    These are great ideas! My in law is a huge traveller and this is super helpful 🙂

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 18:45h, 15 December Reply

      Yay! Glad it helped 🙂

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