Make the Best of Two Weeks in Tokyo (PART 3): Planning

Make the Best of Two Weeks in Tokyo (PART 3) : Planning |Yokohama | Here and Air

Make the Best of Two Weeks in Tokyo (PART 3): Planning

Hi! So when you’re visiting Tokyo and you’ve got a gigantic list of things to do, the toughest part is trying to figure out how you’re going to plan out each day. Well lucky for you, I will tell you the best way to do so along with a to-do list that I used personally for two weeks in tokyo.

How to plan out each day?

If you’re planning on using the JR Trains, stick to a specific line or area. Chances are, when you ride a JR Line, there are attractions at every stop. So instead of picking a spot in one area and traveling 30 minutes to another, ride a line and see what attractions are on the way. Basically, choose an area you’re going to explore for the day. That way you save time and money!

Although every commute is going to vary by your starting point, I organized by region and chose Tokyo as the departing station (make sure to double check which line to take from where you are).


1. Shinjuku

Tokyo Sta. – Shinjuku Sta.

JR Chuo Line towards Ome (approx. 15 min. ¥200)



“The town that never sleeps”. One of the liveliest entertainment districts in Shinjuku

Robot Restaurant

If you are willing to spend $50-$70 you guys should try Robot Restaurant. It’s really fun. They do a live show and dinner. Lots of tourist come to Tokyo just for this place.

Calico Cat Cafe

Whether you’re a cat lover or not, a really unique experience!


2. Shibuya – Harajuku – Omotesando

(Tokyo Sta. – Shibuya Sta. – Harajuku)

JR Yamanote Line (most popular line in Tokyo. approx. 24 min. ¥340)

15 minute walk from Harajuku station to Omotesando


Shibuya Crossing

The popular crosswalk where thousands of people cross in all sorts of directions

Shibuya 109
Cheap fashion for women

Tempura Tenmatsu
I didn’t get to try this place, but it was on my list

Ichiran Ramen
Also on my list that I didn’t get to try

Meiji Jingu

Shinto Shrine

When you exit Harajuku station, there will be an alleyway of outdoorish shops across the street…kind of like a swapmeet. Cheap shopping. Do your souvenir shopping here! They also have high-end shopping on the main streets.

Marion Crepe
Popular Crepe Spot, the lines get long sometimes. Nothing amazing, but pretty good crepes.

Yoyogi Park
A bit of a walk from Harajuku, but very pretty large park



3. Asakusa

(Tokyo Sta. – Kanta Sta. – Asakusa Sta.)

JR Yamanote Line > Ginza Line (approx. 17 min. ¥310)



Sensoji Temple
Temple Tourist Attractions.

Nakamise Shopping Street
Relatively close to Sensoji Temple. They have lots of cheap street foods in this area too. You should try their famous Yakitori’s (squid ball).

Asakusa Shrine
I believe it’s walking distance from Sensoji Temple.



4. Sumida – Ryogoku


Tokyo Skytree
Second tallest freestanding tower in the world. I think they light up the tower around 7:00pm when it gets dark. They have an observation deck too!

Tokyo Solamachi
Below Tokyo Skytree. “New downtown-style”. More than 300 shopping shops for fashion and food. Their famous dessert is known as the Tokyo Skytree Banana. They’re super cute and yummy!




5. Ueno

(Tokyo Sta. – Ueno Sta.)

JR Yamanote Line (approx. 8 min ¥160)


Ueno Park
HUGE park (reminds me of Central Park, but way bigger). They have a ton of Shrines and temples. Have a stroll or picnic here.

Yushima Tenmangu Shrine

Kaneiji Temple

Ueno Zoo




6. Ginza

(Tokyo Sta. – Ginza Sta.)

Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line (approx. 3 min. ¥170)


Ginza Shopping
High-end boutiques, but nice place to stroll

Tsukiji Fish Market
Largest fish auction market. If you’ve seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi (the documentary on Netflix), this is where they buy their fish. They Also have super cheap and fresh sushi here!
Sushi Spots (come early): Daiwa Sushi, Sushi Dai, Zan Mai



7. Marunouchi

From Tokyo Station to Marunouchi = 3 minute walk


Tokyo Station
Nothing fancy, just a one of the largest stations in Tokyo. It’s a Renaissance-style red-brick style.

Tokyo International Forum
This place is really just to admire some nice Japanese architecture.



8. Roppongi – Akasaka

(Tokyo Sta. – Kasumigaseki Sta. – Roppongi Sta.)

 Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line > Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (12 min. ¥170)


Tokyo Midtown
Fancy, but very nice mall. I think they have some cheap stuff too. There are rich green parks right outside where you can have a picnic.

Roppongi Hills
Go up the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. It’s a really nice observation deck to see the city view.

Hie Shrine
There are red/orange tori gates that are similar to the ones in Kyoto.



9. Odaiba

(Tokyo Sta. – Shimbashi Sta. – Daiba Sta.)

JR Yamanote Line (approx. 25 min. ¥460)


Odaiba Mall
Where you’ll see the Gundam Front Tokyo (that giant robot)

Daiba Park
Here you’ll get some really nice views of Rainbow Bridge (the bridge that lights up in different colors at night).
There’s also an imitation of the Statue of Liberty here.


10. Shiodome – Shiba – Takeshiba

(Tokyo Sta. – Shimbashi Sta. – Hamamatsucho Sta.)

JR Yamanote Line (approx. 5 min. ¥280)


Tokyo Tower
Reminds of a red version of the Eiffel Tower. There’s also an observation deck, but honestly not as great as the Tokyo Skytree or Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

Zojoji Temple
A nice temple with a view of the Tokyo Tower

World Trade Center Observatory
Another observatory deck

Hamarikyu Gardens



11. Chiba

(Tokyo Sta. – Maihama Sta.)

JR Keiyo Line (approx. 29 min. ¥220)



Tokyo Disney
Tokyo Disneyland (almost the same as Anaheim)
Tokyo Sea
I suggest Tokyo Sea over Disneyland. It’s completely different than any other Disney Parks out there. Very scenic and romantic!



12. Yokohama

(Tokyo Sta. – Yokohama Sta.)

Tokaido Line (approx. 26 min. ¥470)



Really nice rich area. Lots of nice waterfront parks.

Yokohama Chinatown

Cup Noodle Museum
You can customize your own cup of noodles!

Osanbashi Pier

Yamashita Park

Red Brick Warehouse

Yokohama Landmark Tower


Other Tips:

Oedo Onsen Monogatari
Do the whole hotel/onsen experience. They give you yukatas to wear and can experience a Japanese hot spring! One of the best experiences I’ve had.
JR Pass (Japanese Rail Pass)
If you plan to travel hours outside of the city (like Kyoto), I recommend purchasing a pass BEFORE you fly into Japan.
If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, make sure to fly into Haneda Airport instead of Narita Airport.
Haneda Airport is nicer, less packed, and is closer to the city.
Order ramen from a vending machine!


Read Part 1 here: Preparation

Read Part 2 here: 15 Thing You Must See & Do





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