Simple Things I’m Thankful For

Simple Things I’m Thankful For

Simple Things I'm Thankful For | Here and Air


I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! I’m excited for the holidays and excited to begin a new year! I know a lot of you will be busy running around during this time of year, but I wanted to pause and take the time to be grateful for the simple things in my life.


It’s easy to take things for granted and focus on the negatives. Sometimes we just have to appreciate the simple things in life and enjoy what we have right now.


SIMPLE THINGS I’M THANKFUL FOR (positive & negative)




1.  My family and wonderful loving people (and cats) in my life

2. My boyfriend for always making me laugh and for laughing at my lame jokes

3. Golden hour because it’s amazing for photographs

4. Having a roof over my head

5. The Alchemist for inspiring me to live my legend

6. Having the opportunity to travel this past year

7. Straight hair because I never have to brush or do anything with it

8. For being healthy and being able to enjoy all 5 senses

9. Coconut water because I love to hydrate (also a hangover lifesaver)

10. Coconut oil because it’s everything

11. Having the ability to read amazing novels

12. Thrift stores because I’m not rich

13. Yoga for keeping me grounded

14. Food (like KBBQ and popcorn) to keep my tummy happy

15. The internet for learning, sharing, getting inspired, and connecting with the world

16. Coffee. coffee. coffee.

17. Netflix because you know

18. My eyes because I’m a visual person

19. The world for being so damn beautiful

20. And last but not least, for being alive


The list goes on… there’s too many things to be thankful for, these are just a few.

I know some of you might not always feel blessed or may find it difficult to be grateful. I wanted to share 10 negative things I’m thankful for because there is always good in every situation.




1. For all my struggles and hardships in the past because it has made me a stronger person

2. For being in a long distance relationship because I’ve learned to become independent and comfortable with being alone

3. For being unemployed because I can do the things I love (like traveling) and spending more time with the people I love

4. Moving to Vegas away from friends because it helped me develop my own mindset — my likes, dislikes, what I want to do, etc. — without being influenced by others

5. For being an introvert because I’m observant and enjoy deep one-to-one conversations with people

6. For having a few close friends because I can develop quality over quantity relationships

7. Living in Vegas because gas is cheap, there’s never any traffic, and there’s always parking

8. For having sensitive skin because it taught me a great deal about skincare

9. For my scars because it reminds me of who I am and the experiences I’ve had

10. For those who have been unkind, inconsiderate, unsupportive, and degrading to me because it taught me to be kind, understanding, and compassionate to others

Wherever you are and whatever you’re going through, there is always a bright side.I hope you all have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving. Hopefully I’ve inspired you to stop and reflect on what you’re thankful for today.


I’d love to know what you’re thankful for, let me know by commenting below. 🙂




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  • Janna C
    Posted at 13:57h, 26 November Reply

    Aww nice post! ? So proud of you.

    Im thankful for our friendship! xx

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 14:02h, 26 November Reply

      Daww thanks Janna! Thankful for our talks and food photo sessions lol. Glad to have someone like you in my life! 🙂

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