Why I Stopped Searching For My Passion

Why I Stopped Searching For My Passion

Why I Stopped Searching For My Passion | Here & Air

After a year of attempting to search for my passion, I’ve come to the conclusion that the more you look for it, the less likely you’ll find it. You have to let it come to you naturally. It may come unannounced and oftentimes, it’s disguised. But most of the time, passion is already embedded in you. Mark Manson brings up a very good point about this. He says, when we were children we didn’t have to think twice about what we wanted to do to have fun.

You built sand castles and played tag and asked silly questions and looked for bugs and dug up grass and pretended you were a sewer monster. Nobody told you to do it, you just did it. You were led merely by your curiosity and excitement. — Mark Manson (www.markmanson.net/passion)
Why I Stopped Searching For My Passion | Here & Air

As adults, we are sometimes forced to grow up and become practical, but in doing so, we tend to ignore our passions — causing a part of us to die inside. Unless we bring out that little girl or boy in everyone of us who is dying to play, we might possibly never feel whole again.

Chances are, you already know what your passion is, you’re just not admitting it to yourself or you’re suppressing it. What did you love to do as a kid? What are some things you’re already doing and are good at? Or maybe you don’t believe you’re good at it yet, but you love it and will do it for free?

For me, it’s photography. It honestly never occurred to me how photography could potentially be one of my passions. People are always shocked to hear this considering I take a million pictures. Truthfully, I got into it because it was fun. I loved capturing the beauty around me and showing how captivating the world truly is through my eyes. I would spend hours learning about photography on YouTube — something I thought everyone else did or at least had the patience for when it came to their interests. When people would tell me they liked my photographs, I didn’t think much about it either. I thought anyone could take pictures. The fact that I can never travel without a camera in hand or that I’m able to withstand hours of editing photos or the fact that I’m simply constantly snapping photos for free, I guess it’s safe to say that I really enjoy photography.

Why I Stopped Searching For My Passion | Here & Air

What are some things you are doing now that you are naturally good at and don’t mind learning about for hours? Perhaps you don’t believe you’re good at it — at least not yet. I didn’t really think I was good at taking pictures and I still find myself struggling with capturing photographs how I envision them, but I don’t let that get to me because the process itself is what keeps it interesting.

If you still don’t know what it is, don’t worry. It’s not something you can dig up in a day. Try to think of anything that you’re remotely interested in, even the slightest bit. Whatever it is, follow it. Read about it, watch tutorials on it, play around with it, etc. Anything that sparks your interest, dabble in it  — sometimes this could lead to amazingly unexpected places. Sometimes unfolding your story, or opening another world of interests to follow. Sometimes it could lead you right into your passion.

I just realized that asking someone to follow their passion is a bit too harsh, considering the majority of us don’t know what it is to begin with. And if you’re like me, you might even have multiple passions. That’s completely normal, you’re a multi-potentialite! Following your passion is one of those things that are easier said than done. I guess it would be like asking someone to get over their ex when they don’t quite know how to go about doing it. Or telling someone to lose weight by dieting and exercising, when in reality there are a million different diets and exercises suitable for different body types — there isn’t a linear path to get there.

Why I Stopped Searching For My Passion | Here & Air

You can’t expect to just find it one fine day and live it — at least that’s not usually how it works for the most of us. Everyone has a different journey. You must get out there and experiment, follow what ignites your curiosity, and stop overthinking. Find your innerchild and gravitate towards what you already love doing. Our passion should be something we need to feel vs something we have to know. With that said, keep an open-mind and trust beyond the boundaries of factual evidence and what you can see. If you do not continue to break the walls of your limitations, you’ll stay right where you are

Basically all I’m saying is stop searching for your passion, but rather do the things that you already love and follow your curiosities instead. Start small. Take one step at a time. Dabble. Branch out. Keep an open-mind. Don’t take it too seriously. Have fun with it. And most importantly, be ready to accept it when it comes.

May your journey be filled with light ?,



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  • @delbaerto
    Posted at 20:26h, 04 September Reply

    Hi Carmelisse,
    Your photos are excellent, you might want look into a stock agency to represent you. It’s extra money with little effort and you already have the photos. Keep up the inspiration and the beautiful pics.

  • Lexi D.
    Posted at 08:59h, 31 August Reply

    Hey Carmen! I read the same post by Mark Manson and it really resonated when he said “If you’re passionate about something, it will already feel like such an ingrained part of your life that you will have to be reminded by people that it’s not normal, that other people aren’t like that.” We are so on the same page as I’m literally drafting a post for my blog about my fear of getting stuck at my current job, never doing work I enjoy full-time since I can’t exactly pinpoint what that is. I think another thing that can help those who are stuck is to ask close friends and family what they think you’re good at and to also think about what is it that people ask you about most. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tamshuk
    Posted at 08:06h, 24 August Reply

    Beautiful post Carmelisse.
    The title caught my mind when I came across this post on Pinterest.
    This post gives such a new meaning to “Finding your Passion”. It does make us think differently about our Passion(s).
    Glad I came across this post. And you have wonderful photography skills

  • Sarah Bruso
    Posted at 11:49h, 23 August Reply

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve chased many dreams and dying aspirations; I wanted to be an artist then a writer then a graphic designer then a psychologist. Throughout my life, I’ve tried many of these hobbies by each one hit a dead end. My passion died, my interest waned. And then, almost accidentally, I discover the world of politics and I fall in love. And here I am now, with plans to one day write about it for a living. I, too, hope my journey is filled with light.

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 14:13h, 23 August Reply

      I’m so happy you found your passion! Sometimes you gotta dabble with other things in order to realize what you truly love. Good luck Sarah! 🙂

  • Ariona
    Posted at 07:51h, 23 August Reply

    I agree with every single thing in this post! I would search and search for what I loved to do and then I thought back to my childhood. I’ve always loved editing and creating images on the computer. I used to make gifs (not sure what they were called back then) and share them online. Now I create images and drawings on Photoshop. I could spend hours learning!

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 14:11h, 23 August Reply

      Wow that’s awesome Ariona! Funny how that works huh? Best of luck with everything! <3

  • Eva Casey
    Posted at 06:53h, 23 August Reply

    Great post! I definitely agree. My problem is that I have too many passions to make all of them careers! I thought theatre was the passion that would be my career, but it took a quarter life crisis to realize all I wanted to do was travel! It really helped me to let go, though, like you say, and just go where my curiosities (or wanderlust) lead me.

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 14:10h, 23 August Reply

      I’m the same way, I have plenty of passions. The key is to somehow tie them all together, which will make you stand out from the crowd! And passions don’t always need to be a career, at least not right away. If you want to travel, then travel…who knows where it could lead you. 🙂

  • Shan Yi
    Posted at 20:13h, 22 August Reply

    It’s really an inspiring post! I agree that we tend to be more practical as we grow up. So we do not follow our passion as they seem impractical. Although art will not be my career instantly, I will start small no matter how long the journey would be. Thank you for the good read.

    Looking for Dawn, http://www.lookingfordawn.com/
    A Creative Lifestyle Blog

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 20:16h, 22 August Reply

      Thanks Dawn! I think people often misinterpret what passion is. Passion is something that we need in order for us to feel whole. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a career…but if you can make a career out of it, cool!

  • Ronnel Sanga
    Posted at 19:19h, 22 August Reply

    Deep and meaningful it’s really inspiring!

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 19:23h, 22 August Reply

      Thanks bro! Appreciate you <3

  • Jena foster
    Posted at 18:40h, 22 August Reply

    Carmen you rock, this is goooood!!!

    • Carmelisse
      Posted at 18:41h, 22 August Reply

      Aww thanks Jena! Love you girlie! <3

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