You Are Not Born a Winner

You Are Not Born a Winner

You are Not Born a Winner | Here & Air

You are not born a winner. You are not born a loser. You are born a chooser. – Anonymous

One of the many things I enjoy is self-improvement. I think it’s the Libra in me –I try to find balance in everything. I’m going to create a motivational section under lifestyle because just like my travels, life is a continuous journey. So with that said, here’s the thing about life that I’ve learned: you are in complete control of it. It’s really simple. I don’t say this because I’ve lived an easy life so far because I haven’t, but I also know that it could be worse. Whatever situation it is, you can always turn it around, learn from it, or use it as fuel for becoming great. Chances are if you mope around, pity yourself, project your anger towards others, ignore your issues, or become defeated in general, you will get nowhere. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle, even the successful; you’re not the only one with a disadvantage. Sometimes realizing this is the first hurdle to reaching your goals. One of the many struggles I had growing up was suffering through acne. If you’ve never had acne before, it’s such a scarring experience –literally and figuratively. In my mind, my acne was “severe” and it got to the point where I couldn’t even go out to face people, look at myself in the mirror, or take pictures. Long story short, I could’ve cried about it and allowed it to pause my life. Or I could’ve accepted my flaws and continue to live my life (which I eventually did). Although I’m grateful I no longer suffer from acne, I’m glad to have gone through such a horrific experience. It’s made me stronger and more confident than ever. It taught me to empathize and understand others going through issues themselves. If I had continued to shelter myself because of this one fatal flaw, I probably wouldn’t be traveling, meeting new people, blogging, and following my passions in general. So the next time you are faced with one of life’s challenges, know you have options to dealing with it.


Choose wisely.



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